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The best way to keep swimming pool equipment working to maintain swimming pool equipment safely you should know:

  • Your basic pool equipment consists of a pump, and a filter.
  • When a pump is running under normal conditions, it should sound barely noticeable, and you should familiarize yourself with how it sounds. If it starts to sound noisy, or it begins to surge, that would indicate that either the bearings are starting to wear, or you have encountered a leak in the system somewhere.
  • Identifying problems early can prevent costly repairs and if your visual check uncover water lying around the pump or filter, get it looked at as soon as you can. Water lying below a pump suggests that your seal may be leaking and this can eventually leak into the bearings. In a short period of time your bearings will start to seize and this is what would cause the loud noise.
  • Water lying around the filter would suggest that your seals in your multi port valve might need changing.
  • Your pool filter needs to be backwashed at least once a month in order to allow the filter media to keep the water clean. Filters that aren't backwashed regularly can cause circulation problems and can put your pump under enormous pressure.

In summary, be aware of any leaks around your equipment, and keep an ear out for pool pumps that sound noisy.

Our aim to provide as much useful information to both new and existing clients in swimming and spa pool care and make sure our clients will enjoy safe pool and spa practices. Our weekly and biweekly services will help you.