Victor's Pool Service

Licensed & Insured CA LIC # 925570




Nothing is as cool in the San Diego weather, as a refreshing crystal clear pool.

Victor's Pool Service residential swimming pool service includes:

  • Weekly Service - We will come on location once a week and service your pool.
  • Bi-Weekly Service - We will come on location once every other week and perform the service your pool.
  • Chemical Service - Our technician will come on location once a week and balance the water chemistry and add chemicals as needed, empty all baskets and service the filter as needed.
  • Additional Services - All type of repairs, acid wash, pool drain, new equipment installation and other various pool services.

During the summer months, San Diego pools are full of activity. The more bodies in and out of the pool, the murkier the water gets. The pH and chemical balance is thrown off, leading to dirty and unsafe water that can easily irritate the eyes and the skin. Harmful pollutants and bacteria found in improperly treated pools can cause algae growth and surface corrosion, leading to expensive treatments and repairs. Worse yet, pollutants from perspiration, cosmetics, hair-care products, sun screen, suntan lotion and other topical treatments can build up in pool water. Bacteria thrive in these conditions. Keeping the right level of chemicals will prevent the bacteria from growing by dissolving their food source as well as killing the bacteria. Killing algae prevents green and slimy pool water. Don't leave your family's health and safety to chance. Let Victor's Pool Service ensure that your pool is always safe and beautiful.

Welcome To Victor's Pool Service - The trusted name in pool services here in San Diego. We have the most competent team of pool cleaners in San Diego. They have been fully trained with the knowledge on pool cleaning and repairs, so you do not have to look for other pool services. The weather of San Diego would surely make you want to go swimming. You could think of your pools that have its clean water to refresh you. But wait a minute. Before you go swimming to ward off the hot California sun, make sure you have sanitized your pools.

In San Diego, pool maintenance is probably the most important investment you will make after building your pool.

Every piece of equipment in the operation of your pool is also very important. This is why we care for your pool and pool equipment as a whole. This is why regular residential swimming pool service so important for the health of your pool, spa, waterfall, fountain and any water feature you might enjoy.