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Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Pool Services


How often should my spa be drained?
One third volume in U.S. gallons divided by max daily number of bathers equals the number of days between the drains. In other words if you have a spa that is 900 gallons and you have an average of 3 bathers per day, the amount of days between drains would be roughly 90 days.

How often should my pool and spa be cleaned?
A residential pool / spa should be cleaned once per week to prevent algae and bacteria from growing.

How long should I run my pool pump?
At least 8 hours per day in summer and 6 hours per day in winter.

Are salt systems a reliable way to maintain water sanitation?
Salt systems are an excellent way to maintain water sanitation! They provide a constant pure form of chlorine for the water. Pools with salt systems don't have many of the negative effects that typical chlorine pools have such as an itchy sensation during after and during use.

How often should I have my filter cleaned?
Generally, when the filter pressure rises 10 LBS above the clean filter pressure it is time for a cleaning. Some other factor to consider are : has there been a recent algae outbreak? How long has it been since the last filter clean? A filter should be cleaned 2-3 times per year depending on the size of the pump and filter.

What are the benefits of an automatic pool cleaner in addition to having my pool serviced by a professional company?
If there tends to be a lot of debris at the pool an automatic cleaner will help keep the bottom and sides of the pool consistently clean.

What is "chemicals only" service?
"Chemical only" service is just what it sounds like. This service usually consists of testing water chemistry and adding chemicals as necessary, with no cleaning. This kind of service is usually less per month than full service.